U-KISS And Fans Celebrates Soohyun’s Birthday With Funny Pictures And Well Wishes

U-KISS leader Soohyun officially turns 28 on March 11 KST, and both his fans and fellow members are publicly celebrating his special day.

A day before Soohyun’s birthday, Kevin took to his personal Twitter account to share a special birthday message. The tweet, accompanied by a funny picture of the boys, reads “Soohyun, happy birthday! I am always grateful to you, and I love you! PS: Here is a picture from when we went to Guam. It’s a really happy memory! Happy birthday to our leader Soohyun!”

Fellow member Kiseop also hunted down a fun photo to share on Twitter, decorating a picture of Soohyun from a press event with a birthday hat and other silly stickers. “Happy birthday, Soohyun,” Kiseop tweeted. “I love you!”

On his own Twitter account, U-KISS rapper Jun uploaded a sweet backstage selfie of himself and Soohyun, accompanied by the message, “Our leader! Happy birthday! Please have the happiest day in the entire world today!”

Hoon shared his birthday wishes for Soohyun on his personal Instagram account, posting an image of him alongside the caption, “Our leader Soohyun, happy birthday!”

However, the well wishes did not end with U-KISS’s members. On his own Twitter account, Soohyun shared a picture of himself in front of a special subway billboard designed by fans to celebrate his birthday. In the image, the birthday boy is seen visiting the billboard in person. “Thanks and more thanks. I am so happy that I’m about to cry. KISS Me (U-KISS’ official fan club) and U-KISS, thank you all,” he wrote.

Happy birthday, Shin Soohyun!