Watch: BTS Is Playful And Hardworking In Behind-The-Scenes Video For “Not Today”

BTS has released a special behind-the-scenes video that shows the making of their music video for “Not Today,” which was released on February 20.

From the very beginning, J-Hope hyped up the video, saying, “Everyone, you will be shocked. Absolutely shocked. It’s going to be an amazing music video, at an incredible location with awesome choreography. Please look forward to it.”


BTS continued their cute trend of complimenting themselves, as Rap Monster exulted over a scene that showed everyone shouting while running up a hill, saying, “Wow, this looks like a scene from ‘Lord of the Rings!'”


Although the final version of the music video is very serious, the behind-the-scenes video showed the members continuously joking around and having fun. During one scene where Jimin and J-Hope got shot and fell to the ground, J-Hope ran screaming to Jimin, saying, “Jimin, don’t die!” after the director yelled “Cut.”

The video also showed the members’ hard work and dedication as Jungkook revealed that this was the first music video where they focused so much time on just the choreography, especially in such cold weather.

Check out the video below!