San E Reveals A Surprising Truth About Junggigo And Soyou’s Duet Song “Some”

“Some,” the wildly popular K-pop song that featured SISTAR’s Soyou, vocalist Junggigo, and rapper Lil Boi of Geeks, might have sounded a lot different according to a new revelation from rapper San E.

San E featured as a guest on the March 10 broadcast of the SBS PowerFM show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School” in place of Kim Chang Ryul, who was in the United States for a performance.

After listener requested for the song “Some,” San E revealed, “Actually, I received a request to do the rap portion of this song, but Lil Boi ended up doing it. It’s not that I said no to the offer. The song was so good that I was about to say yes, but they had already finished recording it.”

Rapper Basick then asked him, “Do you regret it?” to which San E laughed as he honestly replied, “Yes. The royalties…”

How do you think the song would have sounded if San E was the featured rapper?

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