Watch: GFRIEND’s Yerin Showcases Her Variety Skills And Challenges Kim Heechul To A Strength Battle

GFRIEND member Yerin recently boasted about how strong she was, and found a worthy opponent in Super Junior member Kim Heechul!

On the March 10 episode of the Channel A variety show “Singderella,” GFRIEND featured as guests to promote their newest single “Fingertip,” which was released on March 5.

During the broadcast, Yerin challenged Kim Heechul to an arm wrestling competition. As they got ready to battle, Kim Heechul kept complimenting her, saying that she looks like a doll with her porcelain skin. Moon Hee Jun chimed in, “From the back, she looks like a grandma from Los Angeles!” as Yerin turned around and gave them her best impression.

Yerin GFRIEND Kim Heechul

When the two of them finally got around to their arm wrestling competition, the other cast members as well as the GFRIEND members couldn’t help but notice the oddly romantic atmosphere between them. As soon as they started, Yerin was pulled backwards by Kim Heechul’s strength, but he quickly reached out his arm to steady her back up as the other members looked on in mock jealousy.

Watch the funny scene below!