March Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

TWICE has ranked first place for this month’s girl group brand reputation ranking!

On March 11, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed their girl group brand reputation rankings for early March.

This month, TWICE came in first place by achieving an overwhelming total reputation index of 9,519,793. Second place was BLACKPINK, who was able to bring in a total reputation index of 5,398,518. Red Velvet was placed third with a total reputation index of 5,374,071.

Meanwhile, the director of the Korea Business Research Institute, stated, “The volume of March’s big data for girl group brands has decreased overall, but the reputation results for TWICE have skyrocketed.”

Check out the full list below:

  1. TWICE
  3. Red Velvet
  4. Lovelyz
  5. T-ara
  7. gugudan
  8. Cosmic Girls
  10. Girls’ Generation
  11. Apink
  12. APRIL
  13. AOA
  14. Oh My Girl
  15. Girl’s Day
  16. EXID
  18. CLC
  19. Hello Venus
  20. Crayon Pop

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