Lee Joon Gi Confesses He Hates Being Alone And Corrects Misconceptions About His Personality

Actor Lee Joon Gi recently confessed that he is someone who, “suffers from loneliness quite often.”

The actor has decided to make his first variety appearance on the second season of tvN’s “My Ear’s Candy,” a show that has celebrities communicate with a mystery “candy” person through a phone, building friendships through conversations as they try to guess who their mystery callers are. The episode that aired on March 11 showed Lee Joon Gi in Florence, Italy as he began his fateful first phone conversation with his “candy.”

Lee Joon Gi 3

Lee Joon Gi first appeared in a meeting with the show’s staff, and he opened up about the misconceptions that people have about his personality based on his looks. He stated, “People think I’m a mysterious person who’s difficult to approach, but that’s really not the case. I’m actually quite a soft person. It frustrates me when people make assumptions like that,” and, “I’m a kind person who likes to be around other people. I don’t like being alone, and I suffer from loneliness quite often.”

Lee Joon Gi 2

He went on to express his anticipation for his “candy,” as he said that he hoped it was someone who is like him and shares many of his pains.

Hopefully, more people will learn through “My Ear’s Candy” just how warm and approachable Lee Joon Gi really is!

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