AOA Is Moved To Tears By Fans’ Special Event During First-Ever Concert

AOA couldn’t help but tear up when they felt their fans’ love.

On March 11, AOA held their own solo concert for the first time since their debut five years ago, and 3,000 fans attended to celebrate the day together.

During their encore stage, fans prepared a surprise event and held up slogans that said, “We promise to stay as we are.” After seeing this, Seolhyun and Jimin started tearing up. When the fans started chanting “Don’t cry,” the members hid their tears. Minah wittily said, “I’ll go home and cry.”

AOA Concert 1

The members also reflected on how they felt about their first solo concert. Choa shared her honest thoughts and thanked the fans, saying, “When we heard that we’re doing a concert, I actually discouraged the idea because I didn’t think many people would come. I thought fans wouldn’t attend but we did it anyway. Thank you to so many people for coming like this.”

Chanmi commented, “I wish to hold more concerts in the future. I want to communicate with you guys more.” Hyejeong and Yuna also relayed similar sentiments, and expressed their heartfelt gratitude for their fans.

Seolhyun started off, “The members and I said in the waiting room that time seems to fly by so fast, and two hours and twenty minutes have already passed. [But] it feels like only twenty minutes have gone by. Memories of preparing for the concert flashed by in my head.” She continued on and revealed that she was actually having a hard time during rehearsal, and had “cried because I felt like I was lacking.”

Jimin also revealed, “I teared up performing BIGBANG’s ‘Bang Bang Bang.’ Why is that?” and questioned herself. She continued, “For some reason, I felt like I would cry at that time. Thank you for taking out your valuable time to attend this meaningful first concert. We’ve gained a cherished memory. I love you all, everyone who have remained by our side for the last five years.”

Congratulations to AOA on their first concert!

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