Melody Day’s Yein Suffers Minor Injury, Group Cancels Imminent Performance

Melody Day’s Yein has been injured and the group has cancelled an upcoming performance in order to allow her to recover.

On March 11, Melody Day’s agency, Cracker Entertainment, posted an announcement on its official site that stated, “Hello. This is Cracker Entertainment. We have some unfortunate news to send the loving fans of Melody Day. Today, member Yein tripped on the stairs and is currently resting after a check-up at the hospital.”

The announcement went on to say, “For the fast recovery and well-being of the artist, we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s (March 12) ‘POP UP STAGE in Spring’ performance.”

Lastly, the agency said, “We apologize to the fans who have been waiting to meet the members and we ask for their understanding. Thank you.”

We wish Yein a quick recovery!

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