Watch: Ailee Shocks A Sleepy College Lecture With A Surprise Performance

Students at an engineering lecture at the University of Seoul were in for a happy surprise when they were joined by talented vocalist Ailee, who thrilled them with a performance!

The day started off like a normal day, the vast lecture hall filled with drowsy college students. The professor announced that a guest lecturer would be presenting that day with a lesson on the planning of the electronic circuit. He then invited up Ailee, who was bundled up in a big scarf and covering her face quite awkwardly with a sheet of paper.


She introduced herself as Lee Ye Jin (her Korean name that is not widely known), and started up her PowerPoint presentation. Students were puzzled when her PowerPoint was not about engineering, but instead about a longing between a young couple. They were further bewildered when she asked one of the students to start reading aloud.


After some confusion, she asked one of the students who their favorite singer was, to which he answered I.O.I. She laughed and said, “It isn’t Ailee? If I were Ailee, would you welcome me?” As the students finally realized what was going on, she took off her scarf to great applause and started singing “Reminiscing,” her beautiful ballad that was released last month.


Check out the surprise in the video below! Don’t you wish this would happen in your country too?