Watch: KNK Teams Up With Veteran Singer Kim Wan Sun For A Thrilling Performance On “Immortal Songs”

Veteran singer Kim Wan Sun proved that age is truly nothing but a number as she joined rookie group KNK for an exciting performance on “Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend.”

Before the performance, KNK revealed that Kim Wan Sun has exceptional stamina, explaining that ever since they started practicing with her, their insomnia had been cured because they were so tired after practice!

Kim Wan Sun KNK

Their performance was an exciting rendition of a song that was originally performed by singer Jung Soo Ra in 1988. They livened it up with a strong brass section and retro big band choreography, and their harmonies mixed together perfectly, bringing the audience to their feet.

Following the interview, KNK was asked if Kim Wan Sun had treated them well, to which they nodded fervently. They said that she had bought them Korean BBQ not once but twice, mentioning that they had eaten really well thanks to her.

Check out their performance on Viki below!