Several YG Artists To Reportedly Comeback In April In Addition To Psy, iKON, And Hyukoh

YG Entertainment may be preparing for a massive comeback this spring.

A source from the music industry stated, “YG Entertainment will be releasing music in a stream in spring, and it will most likely be concentrated in April. With Psy at the head, YG is planning to take over music charts.”

Psy previously revealed his plans to comeback in April, while Hyukoh also announced a return in spring. There have been reports that their comeback would be in March, but it seems to have been postponed to April. Also, there were reports that WINNER and iKON would make comebacks in March or April, with WINNER additionally reported to have filmed their music video in the United States.

The same source explained, “There are more artists making a comeback in April besides those already revealed. At least five or more new albums will be released.”

This reported movement from YG Entertainment is keeping other agencies vigilant.

Which YG artist are you hoping to see a comeback from?

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