Rumors Claim A “Produce 101” Season 2 Trainee Bullied His Classmate In The Past

There are rumors that one trainee from Mnet’s “Produce 101” season two severely bullied a classmate when he was in elementary school.

Someone claiming to be the trainee’s classmate in elementary school left a shocking post on his Facebook saying that trainee Han bullied him by making him masturbate in front of his friends, forcing him to fight with his friends, locking him in the cleaning equipment room, and more.

The same person explained, “All throughout elementary and middle school I went from life to death and back countless times. I’m going to return the pain you’ve given me,” and uploaded Han’s graduation photo and screenshots of Han’s past social media posts.

As of yet, there is no evidence that the person is telling the truth.

Regarding this, the production team of “Produce 101” season two stated, “We are looking at the post and are in the process of figuring out whether it is true or not.”

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