VICTON Members Show Their Love For Highlight (Formerly BEAST)

VICTON has been naming Highlight as their role model for a while, and they will be promoting at the same time as Highlight once Highlight releases new music on March 20.

Heochan, who is especially a fan, revealed how honored he felt, saying, “I really look up to them. Once, when we were practicing late at night, I saw that senior Yoon Doo Joon had mentioned us on his social media, and I almost cried on the spot. I was really happy, and I feel a responsibility to work harder now that he has noticed us. If I get the chance to meet them, I want to get some advice about how to get through hard times.”

On the same day, they also talked about losing weight, coming back with a different concept, and finding their own colors.

Hanse expressed, “After monitoring myself, I felt like I should lose some weight, so I went on a diet after promotions for our first album. I think my fans like how I look now, so I’m glad.”

“We are still in the process of finding our own colors. Because we’re showing a concept that’s different from our previous one, I don’t think we can say this will be our concept permanently. But I do think both concepts are part of who we are. Our goal for our activities this time is to please the eyes and ears of many people,” commented Seungsik.

Meanwhile, VICTON is actively promoting their album “Ready” and title song “Eyez Eyez.”

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