Kwanghee Reveals Surprising Secret About His Recent “Trip” To The U.S.

Kwanghee definitely had many people fooled!

During an interview with MBC’s “Section TV,” which aired on March 12, the idol discussed his final thoughts on his very imminent enlistment.

When the interviewer asked him about the photos he recently shared during a trip to the U.S., Kwanghee unexpectedly confessed, “I uploaded photos from last year[‘s trip]. I even uploaded them taking into account the time difference, like I was really in the U.S.”

Kwanghee Yang Se Hyung Kwanghee HaHa

As it turns out, it was a playful prank by Kwanghee so he could communicate with his fan in his own special way, which is why Yang Se Hyung and HaHa had left comments like, “hahahah Are you okay?” and “What are you doing..”

Meanwhile, Kwanghee will be enlisting on March 13, and will begin his five weeks of basic training.

Were you fooled by Kwanghee and his photos as well?

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