Dongho Opens Up About Why He Made Difficult Decision To Leave U-KISS

Former U-KISS member Dongho opened up about the difficult decision he made to leave his group in 2013.

Dongho appeared on a previous episode of the Channel A variety show “A Man Who Feeds the Dog,” which ran again on March 12 and showed the star visiting his parents’ home.

During the show, he took a walk through memory lane, as he visited his old room and saw all of the fan letters that he had received during his time as a member of the popular group.

As he looked through the pictures from that era, he confessed, “These aren’t just photos I can reminisce about as happy memories.”

He continued, “If you ask me to return to that lifestyle now, I can’t. I would come home every day at three in the morning, sleep for just three hours and the alarm would ring. It was so difficult. I don’t have happy memories [of that lifestyle].” Dongho previously revealed that he had been seeing a psychiatrist during his time with U-KISS.

He revealed that he still feels the after-effects of that time, saying, “I still have sleeping pills under my bed and I have medicine for depression.”

Dongho left the group in 2013, and later got married in 2015. He is now a happy father of his son, Asher.

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