Watch: B.A.P Gives Closer Look At Stunning “Wake Me Up” Choreography From Past Broadcast

While live performances show a large amount of a group’s choreography, nothing compares to a simple video that solely focuses on dance.

On March 12, B.A.P released a dance performance video of their latest title track, “Wake Me Up.”

If the stark white background and outfits seem familiar, it’s because this video was actually shot during a V Live broadcast the group previously held on March 7.

However, this angle allows viewers to see the whole choreography without close-ups or excessive camera movements, letting the dance and the members’ sharp yet elegant movements be the primary focus.

B.A.P, and their album, has been receiving lots of love worldwide for their meaningful lyrics and overall complete package. They also previously released a behind-the-scenes look at what happened while filming for their music video, including a hilarious moment when a set prop was damaged.