Watch: EXO-CBX Can’t Stop Gushing About D.O’s Billiards Skills In Variety Show Preview

The only people who love to compliment D.O more than the fans are the EXO members themselves.

During yet another preview of their Amigo TV episode, EXO-CBX are talking about habits that people who are good at billiards demonstrate, when Xiumin brings up fellow EXO member D.O.

“D.O doesn’t make any preparatory movements. He just hits it right away,” Xiumin comments. Inspired, Chen stands up to demonstrate because he “can imitate how Kyungsoo [plays] exactly.”

While Baekhyun adds, “He doesn’t even lean over,” Chen shows off his impersonation of his fellow member, complete with a very familiar facial, stoic expression.

“It’s so fascinating. [He’ll just observe then hit,] and it will land perfectly. He’s really good,” Chen gushes. “I thought he was the son of a billiards hall owner. He’s really amazing.”

In other previews, Baekhyun and Chen bicker about who’s the better player, as they continue to voraciously scarf down their meal. Meanwhile, Xiumin is adorably more preoccupied with chalking his cue stick in a manner that looks more like he’s petting a kitten, and becomes the trio’s resident reaction machine as he reacts to every play made.

Stay tuned for the complete episode, which will be released in parts beginning March 14! In the meantime, check out some of their other previously released teasers.