Watch: BTS’s Jin And Jimin Charm “Hello Counselor” Hosts With Their Jokes And Cuteness In Preview

With BTS’s Jin and Jimin making a guest appearance in the next episode of “Hello Counselor,” KBS has shared a special preview and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show!

“Hello Counselor” is an advice variety show in which ordinary people share their worries, and a panel of hosts and celebrity guests respond with their thoughts and advice. The celebrity guests are also often given the chance to talk about their own worries, as well as show off their talents.

KBS’s newly released preview for the next episode shows Jimin and Jin getting ready for their appearance before making an entrance on set (to plenty of excited shouts from the audience). Lee Young Ja has clearly fallen for Jimin, and she says to him, “Jimin, if you’re nervous, do you want to hold my hand?”

Jimin hilariously hesitates for a moment as though unsure how to react, before reaching his hands out to her, but Jin quickly stops him! Later on, Jimin says backstage that he’s been wanting to meet Lee Young Ja, and the preview hints that there’s a special reason for that as they show Lee Young Ja doting on Jimin.

In the clip, Jin gives a setup for one of his famous jokes (which he’s made up with show’s title in it), and although we’re told that we’ll have to wait until the episode airs to hear the punchline, his joke has the cast and crowd laughing and clapping. Jin also takes part by acting out one of the parts of a story sent in to describe someone’s worry.

At the end, Jin says the hosts were even funnier than he’d expected, and Jimin tells Jin that he had a great time because Jin was really funny too. “Your chemistry with the MCs was no joke!” says Jimin.

“It’s all thanks to your cuteness!” replies Jin, before laughing at his own comment.

Watch the preview below!

Jin and Jimin, along with comedienne Kim Seung Hye, will be appearing in the March 13 episode of “Hello Counselor,” which will air on KBS at 11:10 p.m. KST.