Actor Ji Soo Can’t Stop Smiling As Sandara Park Melts His Heart On “Get It Beauty 2017”

Actor Ji Soo appeared on the March 12 episode of “Get It Beauty 2017” to help share tips on how to get the guy you’re interested in as White Day is approaching.

During the episode, MC Sandara Park and Ji Soo shared quite a romantic moment together. While Sandara Park was talking about “heart-stopping skills” to captivate a man, she decided to use said skills on the man sitting next to her.

She called out to Ji Soo with an aegyo-filled voice, and the actor couldn’t help but smile. He had everyone laughing as he said, “She’s very lovely. Today is such a happy day for me.”

Ji Soo Sandara Park 2

Sandara Park also shared her “hand cream skill” to increase physical contact with someone you’re interested in. MC Kim Sejeong explained, “The key point of the ‘hand cream skill’ is to get a lot of hand cream when you’re applying it.” Sandara Park and Ji Soo played out the sweet scenario, naturally holding hands as the hand cream was applied.

It was later said that Sandara Park and Ji Soo’s interactions made the atmosphere of the studio even sweeter than usual.

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