Kwanghee Reacts To The Idea Of His Potential “Infinite Challenge” Replacement Ahead Of Enlistment

Kwanghee is ever the cheerful guy as he prepares for his military service!

The March 12 episode of MBC’s “Section TV” showed Kwanghee thinking of a potential replacement for him on the popular variety show “Infinite Challenge.” When asked who he might recommend to take his spot, he looked a bit disgruntled to have to think of someone replacing his position as a fixed cast member. However, he mentioned, “I did hear that EXO member Suho said on a radio show that he wanted to be on the show.”

When the interviewer got excited about the possibility, Kwanghee said, “I think you like that too much!” He then said he’d leave the decision to the producing director (PD) of the show, Kim Tae Ho. He joked that his mouth was getting dry as the screen text flashed, “Tae Ho PD, I’ll return quickly!”

He also received a very thoughtful gift from the show, with special video messages from girl groups. He squealed in delight as gugudan, Melody Day, and Brave Girls all wished him well as he goes to serve his country, smiling extra broadly when Yoojung of Brave Girls warned him to take good care of his nose during his military service.

Kwanghee excitedly opened up yet another gift from “Section TV” that was a thoughtful care package filled with items he will need during his enlistment, including face masks and a pen. When he was asked who he will write his first letter to using the pen, he immediately answered, “Kim Tae Ho PD!” and picked Yoo Jae Suk as the second.

Meanwhile, Kwanghee will be receiving basic training for five weeks after enlisting on March 13. Afterwards, the singer will serve as a member of the military band for his time in the military.

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