Namgoong Min Receives Another Surprise Birthday Gift

Actor Namgoong Min is receiving a lot of much deserved love on his birthday!

On March 13, Namgoong Min’s agency, 935 Entertainment, released a statement saying, “On the night of March 12, Namgoong Min released a photo of himself with the the surprise birthday gift of snacks, drinks, and cakes that 935 Entertainment sent to set for the actors and staff of “Chief Kim.”

namgoong min birthday

A source from the agency stated, “We wanted to surprise Namgoong Min with a gift, as he has been too busy with filming to do anything for his own birthday. As he still has a bit of filming left to do, we hope that our gift will give him strength for the remainder of his drama.”

Namgoong Min said, “I was so happy because of the coffee cart my fans sent me yesterday and was surprised by the gift my agency sent me. I am incredibly grateful and I think this will be a birthday I will never forget.”

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