YG Debuting New Boy Group, “K-Pop Star 2” Runner-Up Bang Ye Dam To Join

Bang Ye Dam, the runner-up of audition program “K-Pop Star 2,” will be debuting in YG Entertainment’s newest boy group!

According to OSEN on March 13, YG Entertainment is preparing their youngest boy group yet, with members ranging from 15-17 years old. Preparations are under way for the group to debut in July 2017.

bang ye dam

Bang Ye Dam has been training at YG ever since he took second place in 2013’s “K-Pop Star 2” behind Akdong Musician. He was 12 at the time. Now 16 (Korean age), the singer has grown up quite a bit since we saw him last on “K-Pop Star.”

bang ye dam

A source from YG Entertainment said, “Considering that BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON were all in their early 20s when they debuted, the fact that the new boy group will be 15-17 is huge. But even though they’re young, they’ve undergone four to five years of training, as well as passed Yang Hyun Suk’s strict evaluations; they may as well be veterans.”

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