Kwanghee Meets With “Infinite Challenge” Members One More Time Before Military Enlistment

Kwanghee enjoyed a nice dinner with the “Infinite Challenge” members before going off to the military.

On March 13, “Infinite Challenge” staff posted on their official social media account, writing, “Youngest of ‘Infinite Challenge’ Kwanghee! You’ve worked hard during the past two years. We hope for your safe return after you complete your military service.”

In the photo, the idol and the other cast members are enjoying their last meal together. They all reportedly wished Kwanghee to stay safe and healthy during his time at the military.

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Kwanghee entered the military training camp today on March 13. He arrived alone and his only words to some of the press waiting for him at the location was, “I will come back healthy and well. Please stay healthy and don’t forget about me.”

His enlistment proceeded quietly just like he’d wished. “Infinite Challenge” members also did not show up, as they reportedly couldn’t take time out of their busy schedules.

Kwanghee will receive basic training for five weeks and serve as a member of the military band for the remainder of the time.

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