March Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed

Brand reputation rankings are out for boy bands in March, and it looks like the top three groups are keeping their positions.

The Korea Business Research Institute analyzed big data collected from February 10 to March 11, looking at participation, communication, and community awareness. The analysis found that there was a 20.64 percent increase in data collected in March than the previous month. March’s data also included a new measurement index called community awareness, which measures brand expansion.

First place went to BTS, who enjoyed a 28.73 percent increase for a total score of 12,047,903. Next was EXO in second place with a score of 4,799,919, which is a 15.47 percent drop from February’s numbers. Third place went to SEVENTEEN, who maintained their ranking despite their score falling by 18.21 percent for a total of 3,715,501.

The Korea Business Research Institute stated, “The March boy band reputation rankings show BTS hitting their highest reputation score yet. SHINee, Cross Gene, GOT7, and SF9 are enjoying a continuous rise in their scores as well.”

Check out the full list below!

  1. BTS
  2. EXO
  4. BTOB
  5. Block B
  7. SHINee
  10. VIXX
  11. BEAST
  12. ASTRO
  13. Super Junior
  14. Shinhwa
  15. Cross Gene
  16.  GOT7
  17. SF9
  18. B1A4
  19. MONSTA X
  20. WINNER

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