Watch: GOT7 Masters Multitasking (Sort Of) By Performing “Never Ever” While Decorating A Cake

In a “Cooking Live” segment for channel “Dingo Music,” the boys of GOT7 attempt to decorate a cake and perform their new single, “Never Ever,” at the same time!

The cake is in honor of White Day (March 14), which is a holiday in Korea where boys reciprocate the gifts they received on Valentine’s Day.

In the clip, GOT7 gets off to a good start with BamBam’s excellent piping skills and Yugyeom’s stable vocals. Soon the boys get too focused on the cake and a few members keep forgetting to come up to the mic for their parts. However, they all make sure to chime in for the chorus, “Never Ever!”

As the song builds up, so does the boys’ energy, with several members putting in ad-libs into the performance, and so do the decorations on the cake.

Check out the video below!