Sunny Talks About How Girls’ Generation Helps Her With Her Love Of Food

On March 13, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny appeared on the MBC FM radio show “Kangta’s Starry Night” in the new segment “Starry Night Restaurant.”

As befitting the segment, Sunny shared that she recently played a barista in a musical in Japan. “I was a barista that falls in love with a sommelier,” she said. “But I think wine suits me better than coffee.”

Kangta then joked, “I think soju suits you better than wine.”

Sunny said that her latest food obsession was fried chicken. “There’s one restaurant I like a lot. I like their fried chicken. The fried part is thick so I like it. I have the palate of a little kid. I found it through searching online and I go with my older sister and her husband.”

She added that the Girls’ Generation members often share suggestions about good restaurants that they find through their group chat. “Sooyoung is the one that makes the most suggestions,” Sunny said. “She likes to let people know about things and share what she has.”

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