11 K-Drama Moments That Are Too Real When You’re Broke AF

The title says it all.

1. Every time I spend money on things I don’t need:

2. Looking at that bank statement like…


…and realizing just how much money you spend on food.


3. You start living for the little things in life.


Tag yourself. I’m the girl on the left with her hands covering her mouth in absolute joy.

4. When someone buys you food…


…but you want to be polite.

5. Whenever you complain about being broke:

strongfamily strong family

6. Whenever you go out to eat with friends:

7. Trying to ask your parents for some cash…

…and they just:


Thanks Mom and Dad.

8. To all the K-pop merchandise, albums, and tours that you can’t afford:

tomorrowwithyou twy

9. When desperate times have you seriously considering desperate measures:


10. But when that direct deposit hits:

11. Broke? Poor? What does that mean?

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