Im Siwan Reveals Interesting Benefit He Gets From Drinking Soju

Im Siwan revealed quite an interesting secret to his clear skin: soju.

During a Naver V-App broadcast on March 14, Im Siwan, Jin Goo, Park Byung Eun, and Kim Sun Young gathered to talk about their upcoming movie “One Line.”

Im Siwan

The topic of drinking naturally came up as Im Siwan had revealed during the movie’s press conference that the secret to his clear skin is drinking soju.

He explained, “In traditional Korean medicine, beer is considered a cold food. I have a higher chance of having an upset stomach when I eat cold foods because my family has a history of weak stomachs. My face tends to break out when I drink beer as well, so I drink soju instead. I think it actually makes my skin clearer and it becomes easier to apply makeup the next day.”

Im Siwan 2

“One Line” is a movie that follows college student Min Jae (played by Im Siwan) and legendary veteran con artist Chief Jang (played by Jin Goo) as they join a group of criminals to lie about everything to steal money from a bank. The movie will be released on March 29.

Would you be down to drinking soju for clearer skin like Im Siwan?

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