Watch: Highlight Turns Their Frowns Upside Down In Funny Teaser Videos For New Release

Highlight has shared some funny clips of the guys as they get ready to promote their new title track!

As Highlight gears up for their “debut,” Around Us Entertainment is encouraging fans to support the group by posting with a certain hashtag to get the word out about their new song “Don’t Frown” (tentative title).  The main hashtag they mention is the song’s Korean title, “얼굴찌푸리지말아요,” and they also suggest using the groups’ name in Korean and English, “하이라이트” and “Highlight.”

As part of their way to encourage fans, Highlight shared funny “Hashtag ID” videos on Instagram on March 15 of each of the guys pretending to look sad before quickly cheering up, to fit with the name of their new song.

Highlight (formerly BEAST) will be releasing their mini album “Can You Feel It?” on March 20 at noon KST, as their first release under their new name. They have been sharing plenty of teasers so far, as well as a music video for their pre-release track “It’s Still Beautiful.”