Kim Min Suk Says Goodbye To “Defendant” Child Co-Star Shin Rin Ah With Adorable Photo

Kim Min Suk and child actress Shin Rin Ah have been getting a lot of love for their characters on SBS’s “Defendant,” and it looks like the two actors are close off-camera as well!

On March 13, Kim Min Suk posted a photo of the duo on his Instagram account with the caption, “Ha Yon gave me a surprise kiss before filming to tell me I’ve done a good job in the drama. I’m going to miss you.”

In “Defendant,” Shin Rin Ah plays Park Ha Yon, the daughter of Park Jung Woo (played by Ji Sung), who is helped by Lee Sung Kyu (played by Kim Min Suk).


Episode 15 of “Defendant” aired on March 13 and showed a knife with the blood of Cha Min Ho (played by Uhm Ki Joon) on it being submitted as evidence to prove that the killer of Yoon Ji Soo (played by Son Yeo Eun) was him, not Park Jung Woo. However, Cha Min Ho found out what was going on and begged his father for help, leading to the results being manipulated in his favor.

Lee Sung Kyu stepped up and tried to help Park Jung Woo. However, he was murdered when Cha Min Ho found out about this and sent one of his henchmen to eliminate Lee Sung Kyu. This marked the end of Kim Min Suk’s stellar appearance in “Defendant.”

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