2PM’s Taecyeon Reveals Atypical Part-Time Job He Once Held As A Trainee

If you’ve got the necessary skills, why not use them?

During a special White Day live broadcast he held through V Live, 2PM’s Taecyeon was talking about a wide variety of topics while wrapping chocolate gifts when he suddenly confessed to having a very interesting work experience when he was still a trainee.

The idol had suddenly read out a fan’s comment about how there were no simultaneous English subtitles during the live broadcast, and immediately expressed curiosity at how English subtitles worked with V Live.

After learning that the translators were from Naver, Taecyeon suddenly revealed, “When I was a trainee under our company [JYP Entertainment], I once worked part-time.”


He abruptly stopped his story to reassure the amusingly worried staff members who seem to have accidentally heard something wrong, “It’s not a bad story, it’s just about my part-time experience. Don’t worry. I was paid. It wasn’t a salary-less job. I received all my money.”

“There was a senior in our company, Rain, when he was still with [the company]. When he held a fan meeting, I was in charge of writing the English subtitles that would show up on the LED screen behind him,” the idol said.

Reminiscing about how difficult it was, Taecyeon couldn’t stop showering praise on the people who translated V Live videos, commenting about how fast they have to work and type.

Looks like some old-time K-pop fans, specifically Rain fans, may have witnessed Taecyeon’s hard work even before he debuted as an official idol!

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