Jung Kyung Ho Candidly Talks About His Relationship With Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Missing 9” star Jung Kyung Ho recently sat down for an interview and stayed relaxed despite going through multiple days of answering questions about his experience of playing Seo Joon Oh in the recently concluded MBC drama.

He also candidly talked about his girlfriend Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, expressing his care and affection for her in every word.

He shared, “We always support each other, not just when we’re working on a drama. This time, she helped me wrap up [my drama] well too. We still haven’t fought even once. In the beginning, she must have gotten mad at me a lot. You see, I like drinking, and so do my friends. But now we’ve come to know each other’s dislikes. Even before we did, we were careful about each other, so we have never fought yet.”

He added with a laugh, “I think we’ll never fight as long as I’m careful.”

Jung Kyung Ho also spoke proudly of Sooyoung’s potential, as she previously starred in the MBC drama “The Spring Day of My Life.” He remarked, “Nowadays, each actor develops a different style and the viewers also enjoy that more. Sooyoung definitely has her own unique style.”

Meanwhile, the couple has been publicly dating since 2014.

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