Im Soo Jung Suffers Minor Injury While Filming Upcoming Drama

It was reported that actress Im Soo Jung suffered a minor injury while filming her latest drama “Chicago Typewriter” (tentative title), and tvN has responded to the news.

On March 15, a source from the production crew explained, “Im Soo Jung felt pain in her knee while filming a running scene, so she made a visit to the hospital. [The injury] is not serious, but we are being considerate of her while filming to avoid worsening her condition.”

The actress’s agency YNK Entertainment also reassured fans, saying, “It’s not a serious injury. She just went to the hospital due to the pain. She is fine as of now, and we are continuing to film without delay.”

Meanwhile, the new tvN drama “Chicago Typewriter” is a fantasy-romance story that centers around a bestselling author, the “ghost” writer under his name, and the writer’s anti-fan. It will start airing in April.

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