Kim Kang Woo And Yeo Jin Goo Attend Their First Table Read For tvN’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama

tvN’s new drama “Circle” (tentative title) has recently begun production!

On March 15, actors Kim Kang Woo and Yeo Jin Goo attended their first table reading for the show at CJ E&M’s main office in Seoul. Also in attendance was production director Min Jin Ki and screenwriters Kim Young Hyun and Park Sang Yun, who most famously worked on the 2011 historical drama “A Tree With Deep Roots.”

“Circle” will be a sci-fi drama set in two different time periods – 2017 and 2037 – with each episode simultaneously taking place in both. In total, the series is scheduled to have ten episodes, each running an hour long.

Yeo Jin Goo will appear as the main character of present-day. In the drama, he plays the role of Kim Woo Jin, a college student determined to find out the truth behind a curious case involving an extraterrestrial character. Kim Kang Woo will appear as Kim Jun Hyuk, a 2037 detective living in a technologically advanced city called “Smart Earth.”

The first episode of “Circle” will air sometime in May.

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