Kim Rae Won Reveals A Hidden Secret Buried In His Acting Career

Kim Rae Won has a secret we’re dying to know!

In a recent interview, the actor opened up about his experience in film and television. While discussing his work on “Doctors,” he dropped a hint about a previous drama he had almost appeared in.

“I politely decline the offer, but it ended up becoming a hugely popular drama. The drama’s name is a secret though,” he explained with a laugh. “The actor [who ended up taking the role] did really well, so it’s a smash hit. If I did it, maybe it wouldn’t have been.”

Despite the interviewer persistently asking him to name the drama, the actor only responded by smiling and shaking his head.

Meanwhile, his upcoming movie “The Prison” is set for release on March 23. In the film, Kim Rae Won is in some pretty impressive company, acting alongside veteran actors like Han Suk Kyu and Jung Woong In.

Can you guess which drama he was supposed to appear in?

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