Kim Heechul To Talk About Rumors Regarding His Sexuality On “Happy Together”

Kim Heechul will be appearing as a guest on the upcoming episode of “Happy Together” and will address rumors regarding his sexuality once again.

Lee Soo Geun, who was sitting next to Kim Heechul, said, “It’s great to be friends with Kim Heechul because you get to observe things like video calls with girl group members who don’t have any makeup on. They don’t think of him as a guy.” In response, Kim Heechul said, “This is why there are so many rumors about me being gay.”

Kim Heechul is well-known to be good friends with many actresses and female singers. Furthermore, he has fairly frequently made appearances on broadcasts and during concerts in clothing and makeup originally meant for females. These are some of the reasons behind the rumors regarding his sexuality.

kim hee chul

In the episode of “Happy Together,” Kim Heechul revealed details of his personal life in order to end the rumors. He stated, “I do not comfortably approach women that I am interested in,” and said meaningfully to Hello Venus’s Nara, “Let’s continue to speak formally.”

kim hee chul hello venus nara

This is not the first time Kim Heechul has had to address rumors about his sexuality, as they have been a part of his career since he debuted in 2005. In 2010, on SBS’s “Strong Heart,” he once said, “It’s weird for me to say this as I am an idol but I really like women.”

In 2013, on SBS’s “Cultwo Show,” Kim Heechul addressed dating rumors between him and his good friend, Epik High’s Mithra Jin. He said, “The rumors came about because Mithra Jin and I are really close and we talk often on the phone. I even said on a broadcast after I heard the rumor that I liked women but fans said that it was all a smokescreen strategy,” conveying his dismay.

Kim Heechul’s episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” will air on March 16 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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