GFRIEND Members Reveals What Item They All Simultaneously Got This Year

GFRIEND appeared on “Park Ji Yoon’s Gayo Plaza” on March 15 and revealed that they all now possess something that a lot of people take for granted: a smartphone.

While promoting their new title track “Fingertip,” the members of GFRIEND quizzed the radio show’s listeners and asked them to answer the question, “What did all the members of GFRIEND get this year at the same time?” They received answers like bank accounts, driver’s licenses, the ability to drink somaek [mix of soju and beer], and boyfriends, but all of these were wrong.


GFRIEND revealed that what they actually got were smartphones and looked very happy as they added, “It makes our work so much easier, and it’s much easier to communicate with people.”

When asked what they did once they got their phones, Yerin said she downloaded a camera app so she could take lots of selfies. Umji said she shops on her phone while Eunha plays games and Sowon likes to surf the internet.

If you could recommend a must-have app to GFRIEND, what would it be?

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