Daesung Reflects On How BIGBANG Changed His Life And Talks About Saying Goodbye To T.O.P Before Enlistment

BIGBANG’s Daesung, who is soon to release his Japanese solo album, recently sat down for an interview with a local media outlet and relayed his honest thoughts about BIGBANG’s 10-year anniversary, his solo activities, and T.O.P’s enlistment.

Daesung said about BIGBANG’s 10-year anniversary project, “It was very enjoyable and I’m very grateful.” He added, “I realized how much love I got from my fans over the last 10 years, and I am grateful towards all the staff and everyone else as well.”

The interview took a funny turn when he was asked, “What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t a BIGBANG member?” To this, Daesung replied, “I would probably be gaming while being hit by my mom.”

He also said, “My life completely changed after I became a BIGBANG member. I was working towards becoming a singer, but I never thought that I would become someone who would be loved for 10 years and do concert tours around the world.”

Daesung is currently promoting solo in Japan with the name D-LITE. When asked about his solo, he said, “I had no plans to be a solo artist at all. Even in BIGBANG, I was just a member who was supporting the other members from behind, but my Japanese company CEO suggested a solo, so that’s how I got started.”

He also spoke about fellow BIGBANG member T.O.P’s enlistment. He said, “I called him the day before the enlistment and told him, ‘Be safe.’ He said, ‘I’m cheering on your solo.'” He clarified, “It wasn’t a sad atmosphere at all. It’s a given that every Korean man needs to enlist.”

When he was asked about his role in BIGBANG, he said that he was the member to balance out the team. He expanded jokingly, “I balance out the team so that G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Seungri don’t fight.”

Meanwhile, Daesung will be releasing his new mini album “D-Day” on April 12 and will embark on his first solo dome tour on April 15.

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