Producer Ryan Jhun Says He’s Sure Girl’s Day Will Snag 1st Place With Comeback

Girl’s’ Day’s producer Ryan Jhun spoke highly of the girl group ahead of their March comeback. Although he is a highly regarded hitmaker today, composing I.O.I’s “Whatta Man,” Taeyeon’s “I,” EXO’s “Love Me Right,” and much, much more, there was a time when Ryan Jhun was still struggling in the industry. It was then that he and Girl’s Day crossed paths.

They first met seven years ago, when Girl’s Day debuted with “Tilt My Head” in 2010. The ladies were met with criticisms at first, but Ryan Jhun saw their potential and gave them the song “Nothing Lasts Forever,” laying the foundation for the Girl’s Day we know today.

Although they were all ready for their comeback, Girl’s Day had gone through hundreds of songs but were yet to find the perfect title track until Ryan Jhun returned to rekindle their working relationship from seven years back. Production has proceeded smoothly since then, and they wrapped up recording the title song on March 14.

Ryan Jhun remarked, “It was more intense, meeting again after seven years. We are ambitious. Seven years ago, they were being teased as ‘Pumba idols,’ but in my eyes they had an exceptional appeal. Girl’s Day now steadily sits at the top, in a very different position from before.”

He continued, “When I remember that time, it feels so far away. This time, I made them about four songs. I set them on a new direction, and they followed well.”

Having finished recording everything, the producer expressed his confidence on the new title track.

He explained, “They can win first place. Of course they will. The higher we expect, the bigger the possible disappointment, but I think it will turn out as expected. It’s a song showing a collaboration between Girl’s Day and the listeners. It’s not something just any other singer can pull off. It’s a song only Girl’s Day can do.”

Ryan Jhun added, “The song is also easy to follow, with a glamorous and girl-crush vibe.”

Girl’s Day will make their comeback with a new mini album on March 27.

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