Watch: BTS Shares Precious Video Of A Super Excited Jungkook’s Graduation Celebration

BTS has taken fans behind-the-scenes of Jungkook’s graduation party!

On March 16 at midnight KST, the group uploaded a “Bangtan Bomb” video from Jungkook’s high school graduation last month. The clip shows Jungkook on his way to his ceremony smiling as he talked about how his fellow members were coming as well, as they did for his first day of school. “When it’s over, I should buy them food,” he said with a laugh. “It’s got to black bean noodles, of course!”

bts jungkook 3

We then see a glimpse of Jungkook getting his diploma in class, before the video cuts to him being very excited in the car as he sang about how his members (his “six bros”) had arrived, and got even more pumped for the black bean noodles they were going to eat.

As BTS and a laughing Jungkook disembarked from their vans, Jungkook announced to the camera happily, “They’re here, the members are here!” The guys then all posed for the press, before Jungkook headed in for his ceremony and his fellow members waited for him in the vans outside, according to the video’s captions because it was too crowded in the auditorium.

bts jungkook 2

After Jungkook officially graduated and received an award, they headed to the restaurant, which was the same one they had all gone to on the day of Jungkook’s entrance ceremony. Jimin told Jungkook he was sad that he hadn’t been able to see Jungkook get his award, before asking him what he’d like as a graduation present from Jimin. “Let’s go with something simple. An apartment!” suggested Jungkook, which earned him a laugh and a punch on the shoulder from Jimin.

bts jungkook v jimin

When they got to the restaurant, the members sang their pre-debut track “Graduation Song” with Jungkook, before digging in to their celebratory black bean noodles and recreating a photo from his first day of high school.

Watch the sweet clip below!