TAHITI’s Jisoo To Sit Out Promotion Due To Health Decline

TAHITI’s Jisoo will unfortunately be sitting out the group’s performance in Japan due to her health.

On March 14, J Line Entertainment said through its official fan cafe that she will not be attending TAHITI’s performance in Osaka scheduled for Mach 17 due to worsening health.

They said, “Jisoo was hospitalized due to a significant decline in her health. Jisoo wanted to go to the Japanese performance, but her doctor suggested against it and she is no longer able to attend the Osaka performance.” They added, “We ask for the fans’ understanding.” Details for future promotions will depend on Jisoo’s recovery.

While in the official statement the agency did not provide more details on her health, agency sources told local media outlets that Jisoo is suffering from depression and panic disorder.

Meanwhile, TAHITI consists of five members, Minjae, Jisoo, Ari, Miso, and Jerry. They debuted with “Tonight” in 2012 with the single “Tonight.”

Our best wishes for Jisoo’s recovery.

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