6 Crazy Things K-Pop Idols Have Done On TV Shows

Idols are known for doing pretty weird things in the name of entertainment. Check out our list of some of the craziest things K-pop idols have done below!

1. Topp Dogg’s Brazilian Wax

Waxing itself is pretty painful, but to be on camera at the same time? These boys are on another level! (Around the 11:41 mark)

2. Block B’s Shower Scenes

P.O’s reaction just kills me!

3. VIXX’s Ravi Facing His Worst Fears

Poor Ravi! Even if someone paid me, I would never be able to touch that! (Around the 20:30 mark)

4. TVXQ and Super Junior’s Pepper Eating Challenge

They had a taste of the Indian pepper jolokia, the hottest pepper in the world. And Jaejoong’s response? “I think this would taste wonderful in a dish.”

5. MONSTA X and Science

Coke floats are yummy, but I don’t think this is the right way to do it…

6. BTOB Sungjae’s Skull vs Watermelon

Rather than Sungjae, I feel bad for that watermelon!

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