Watch: Song Triplets Sing “Happy Birthday” To Each Other In Adorable Video

It’s hard to believe, but Korea’s most beloved set of triplets has now turned five!

March 16 is the day that Song Il Gook’s sons Daehan, Minguk, and Manse were born back in 2012, and the actor has shared a video of the boys celebrating their fifth birthday (in Western age) together.

In the clip, the trio sits at their own individual tables surrounded by gifts, and each of them has their own personal cake. The boys sing a couple chaotic and adorable renditions of the “Happy Birthday” song, before Minguk announces, “We’d better learn this song again!”

“Is it okay if I eat the chocolate?” asks Minguk politely once they’ve blown out the candles, and Manse echoes him in excitement. When they’re told to wait a bit, Minguk cutely sighs. Song Il Gook then gives them the okay to go ahead, the boys dig in!

Watch the video below.

The Song triplets became household names when they appeared on the KBS reality show “The Return of Superman” from July 2014 to February of 2016.

Happy birthday, Daehan, Minguk, and Manse!