Junho Shows Amazing Combat Skills While Rescuing Namgoong Min In “Chief Kim” Behind-The-Scenes Shots

Behind-the-scenes stills of Junho’s fight scene in “Chief Kim” has been released.

During episode 15 which aired on March 15, Junho’s character saved Namgoong Min’s character from danger when he got kidnapped. When the group of guys that took Namgoong Min started choking him, Junho attacked with a rock and started fighting the guys off by himself.

Chief Kim 2

In the making stills of the scene, Junho seems pretty skilled in combat as he practices knee-kicking the enemies.

This scene was filmed in the late hours after midnight. Although he may have been exhausted, Junho was reportedly nervous and excited to film an action scene.

Chief Kim 3

Since it was such an important scene that required teamwork, Junho rehearsed endlessly with the opponents. Even though it was a short scene that lasted one minute and 30 seconds, Junho focused on perfecting the scene. He listened carefully to the director’s words and was so passionate that he actually broke out in a sweat during the scene despite the cold weather.

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