Shofar Music CEO Releases Official Apology About Recent Assault Charges

The CEO of Shofar Music has released an official apology after being charged with assault in February.

The CEO posted his apology on the agency’s official website and wrote, “Instead of blaming this as an act I committed because I was intoxicated, I believe that this occurred because of my carelessness. I deeply regret what has happened and I am reflecting on my actions.” He continued to add, “I have reached an amicable settlement with the victims, and we have agreed to support each other as people who are walking down the same path.”

On why the apology came late, the CEO explained, “I was late in posting my apology as I believed that posting it before things were resolved with the victims could lead to misunderstandings.”

The CEO continued to write, “I have come to the keen realization that a person in my position should feel a higher sense of responsibility with every action that I take, and I would like to once more sincerely apologize to the victims and the police officers who were dispatched to resolve the situation.”

Shofar Music’s CEO was investigated for assaulting a part-time worker and his friend, both of whom are members of indie bands, at a bar in Hapjung, Seoul.

Shofar Music is the agency in charge of the popular female duo, Bolbbalgan4. The CEO in question was a member of a first generation idol group and is currently living under a different name.

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