RBW Forms New Hip Hop Label With Rapper Basick And Plans To Release Music With New Artists This Month

Rapper Basick and RBW producer Im Sang Hyuk are collaborating to form the new hip hop label All Right Music.

On March 16, RBW released a statement saying, “We are launching the hip hop label All Right Music to create an optimized system for hip hop artists and their support staff. We aim to mature as a label so that artists can promote independently and try a variety of different genres.”

Basick, who won “Show Me the Money 4” in 2015, is currently under the management of RBW, who also manages girl group MAMAMOO and boy group VROMANCE. Along with Basick and Im Sang Hyuk, who will be the president of the new label, Jeon Da Woon from RBW and Park In Woo will join as the producing team Firebat as well.

Three new artists are reported to have joined the label: rapper Big Tray, hip hop crew leader Marvel J, and singer-songwriter B.O.

Im Sang Hyuk said, “Under the name All Right Music, we plan to make good music for the public in 2017 with Basick and his crew. This is a continuation of our launch of ‘WTF (Way to Foundation’ in January.”

On March 20, the new All Right Music artists are planning to launch an agency-wide single, “All Right.”

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