PRISTIN Possibly Aiming To Follow In The Footsteps Of Labelmate SEVENTEEN In Terms Of Concepts

As Pledis Entertainment aims to debut a new girl group, PRISTIN, they have inevitably been compared to other Pledis groups like After School and SEVENTEEN.

PRISTIN’s debut album “HI! PRISTIN” is scheduled to drop on March 21. Along with the title track “Wee Woo” and Pledis Girlz’s pre-debut song “We,” the album will have six songs in total. All the members participated in songwriting and producing on the album, which is similar to SEVENTEEN’s “self-produced” idol group concept. This is attributed to PRISTIN and SEVENTEEN having shared a long training period together.

Another similarity between the Pledis groups is the large number of members, with PRISTIN having 10 members in total. SEVENTEEN splits its 13 members into different units, each in charge of a specific area like vocals, performance, or hip hop. Although PRISTIN is not officially organized the same way, they have previously performed in units at their “Bye & Hi” concert last January.

Do you think the two groups have a similar concept, and could this be the start of a new Pledis theme?

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