Kim Rae Won Gets A Surprise Call From Fellow Heartthrob Actor During Live Broadcast

On March 16, actor Kim Rae Won was holding a Naver V Live broadcast when he received a surprise call from a friend.

The friend turned out to be actor Jo In Sung. When Kim Rae Won told him he was in a broadcast, Jo In Sung said, “I know. I’m watching it. But is it your birthday?”

Park Kyung Lim Kim Rae Won

Jo In Sung added to Park Kyung Lim, who was also present at the broadcast, “I called [because I knew you were broadcasting]. I called you first but you didn’t answer so I called Rae Won when I saw him pick up the phone.”

About Kim Rae Won, Jo In Sung said, “I often think he’s a friend with whom I can feel a strong sense of camaraderie.”

Kim Rae Won thanked him, saying, “I want to keep making good memories together in the future. We’re like that already, but I hope our relationship can become stronger and last even longer.”

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