GOT7’s Jinyoung Opens Up About Why He Ultimately Decided To Stop Using His Stage Name

GOT7’s Jinyoung has finally revealed the key factor that determined his decision to start using his real name for promotions instead of his stage name.

The group were guests on the March 16 broadcast of KBS Radio’s “Park Ji Yoon’s Gayo Plaza,” during which Jinyoung revealed to the DJ that he had switched from promoting as “Junior” to his real name, “Jinyoung” months ago.

The idol has the same name as the founder of his label, JYP Entertainment, Park Jin Young, which lead to his original stage name, “Junior” (spelled Jr. at the beginning), as he was quite literally Park Jin Young junior in this case. He ultimately decided to start using his real name instead back in August 2016, after talking about it with his family.

“After promoting as Junior, I wanted to try promoting with my real name,” Jinyoung explained. “I went back to [using] my real name because I wanted to show how I’ve grown with my name change.”

The six GOT7 members in attendance also gave an update on Jackson, who is currently resting in order to focus on his health after it worsened on the day of a fan meet. They reassured fans, “His health is getting better,” and expressed that he wants to tell the fans to not worry.

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