GFRIEND Reveals Their Drinking Tendencies And Who Their Best Drinker Is

Popular girl group GFRIEND talked about how they act when they’re drinking, now that their youngest members have come of age.

On the March 16 episode Mnet’s “New Yang Nam Show,” the girls revealed what it was like with all six members being able to drink. The group’s leader Sowon said, “Since all the members are of age now, we sometimes drink together.” She also confessed, “We sometimes drink in secret so that the manager who lives with us doesn’t know.”


She also revealed that they are responsible drinkers, saying, “I decide how much everyone should drink. I am always checking on how much the members are drinking. I’m afraid that they might cross over the line and things might become crazy, so I tell them to stop at appropriate times.”


The girls also chose Eunha their best alcohol drinker. Eunha said, “I like to mix soju and beer, or fruity drinks.”

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